Security and safety procedures have become necessary and even mandatory in most countries, and in order to ensure security and safety, The place should be built in a way that avoids the damages of disasters and pests, and fires are among the most frequent in to happened, and for this reason the importance of fire-rated exit doors is increasing.

With the increase in the importance of fire-rated exit doors, this type is being developed continuously, and the time of its fire resistance is increased to resist the fire as long as possible, making it easier for people to exit and for firefighting teams to evacuate the building.

These doors are usually placed in corridors and stairs, and in this article we will talk about the latest types of fire-resistant emergency exit doors.

Types of fire-rated exit doors

Fire-rated doors exist in many shapes and types, and they are more common in commercial centers and residential projects, and are usually used as external doors, and also have an internal type in the corridors leading to the external door leading to the outside or the safe place, and preferably in accessible places, so The corridors are well-lit and doors are specially designed for emergencies.

We can classify the types of these doors according to:

  • Number of door wings

These doors are available with one door wing or two door wings, and they are usually chosen according to the place where the door is to be placed. 

Doors with two doors are usually in huge buildings to facilitate the exit of a large number of people at the same time. The size of the door is chosen according to the size of the place and the number of rooms and people in this place. The size of the door is chosen to be suitable for emergencies and mass exits.

  • core types

There are many types of cores for steel doors, but this type is usually used as a honeycomb or polystyrene type as the core of the door, and the weight of the door is taken into account, so the filling is taken with a size and weight commensurate with the design, the two types are suitable.

Honeycomb cores: They are cardboard nuclei and are in the shape of a beehive, which is the reason for the name, and these nuclei are among the most widely used, have high strength, and cost a little compared to the rest of the types.

Polystyrene cores: These cores have a higher insulation than the first type, and are often used in outdoor applications, and their price is slightly higher than the beehive type.

  • Other Details

There are other details such as the accessories like the handle and the lock, and there is also a classification according to the sizes, which allows many different types for the customer.

And the lock must remain in the open position, but for security it is placed in the closed position, but this door has a side key placed in a glass case that is easy to break, easy for anyone to open this lock.

The difference between fire-rated doors and fire-rated emergency exit doors

There are several differences between these two types of doors, but because they are called by the same name they are confused and considered as one type.

Fire rated doors are designed to be insulating and fire-resistant, and these doors have strict tests, so that it prevents fire and smoke from leaving the place of fire and spreading to the rest of the building, and these doors have spaces between them and the frame very small to be closed at the time of fire easily.

“Fire exit doors” are doors used to exit in emergency and fire situations, and they are from the building to the outside or to the roof, as well as the doors that are in the corridors leading to the last door leading to the safe place or the exit.

The fire-rated doors are tightly closed and difficult to open. They are used as an insulator, and it is preferable to open them only for specialists such as rescue and firefighting teams. As for the fire-rated exit door, it must be very easy to open and anyone can open it immediately.

Details to be aware of when placing the fire retardant exit door

The fire-rated exit door is used like other doors daily, but its main task will be when a fire breaks out or a disaster occurs, so this door must be easy and quick to open, and it is designed to suit these cases, so we find most of these doors contain easy opening methods such as panic bar.

Emergency doors can be manufactured in many colors, but it is preferable to have a clear and quickly recognizable one, such as the red color.

Also, when installing it, it must be placed in an easily accessible place and in the way of exits to all rooms and offices in the place. Therefore, the location of emergency doors is carefully planned within the basic building plans.

The corridors leading to this door must also be free of any obstacles and well lit in the event of an evacuation of the building. Signs and signals must also be placed that give specific directions to the location of the door. In the buildings, we find signs in every place indicating the place of emergency exit.

As we mentioned, the lock of these doors must always be in the open position, or be of the type that is easily controlled, and some of them have a magnetic lock that opens by cutting off electricity or the outbreak of a fire.

There must be periodic maintenance for these doors to ensure their safety and the handles are also checked so that there are no defects that may cause a disaster, the door must always be ready to open easily and the path leading to it should be open.

Emergency exit doors in Turkey

Turkey is a pioneer in the manufacture of fire-rated exit doors because of the quality of the Turkish industry, and they are manufactured according to demand and according to the place where the door is to be placed, some places need to be soundproofed and some need high fire resistance, and some need a beautiful shape that fits the place.

Finally, the presence of fire-rated exit doors has become a condition in all commercial and residential projects, and they are manufactured within international standards and conditions that suit all projects, and these doors enjoy high strength and resistance, the importance of fire-resistant emergency doors lies in their role in avoiding emergencies from fires and other disasters.