through construction history one of the biggest challenge that faced buildings where natural disasters and fire accidents. fire weather is was accidental or intentional considered as the most dangerous thing that might happened in a building causing death and casualties for that our need of safety invented the fire resistance building materials. the fire rated doors are one of the most known fire rated building materials in todays construction industry due to the essential role it’s playing in evacuation people from buildings when fire accidents happens, especially in big structures and buildings, that is because it stop fire from spreading fast also the fire toxic gases which give the time for people to evacuate as for fire fighter to arrive before the situation go out of hand. for that we can say fire rated doors help to contain fires and deduce the damage of the fire.

there is two types of fire rated doors that is well known in todays building where we can find them almost every where around us:

steel fire rated doors:
it is considered as the most common fire rated doors which is normally made of aluminum or iron for it’s rust resistance although it is so heavy doors but it is considered the most trustable and efficient against fires. it’s used widely in almost every big structures like (hotels, malls, residences and sedums) where it is essential in all countries huge structure safety system to protect people’s lives. most of the fire exits doors are steel fire rated doors which have very recognizable special shape to lead people to the safety in fire situations.

wooden fire rated doors:
yes as it says there is wooden fire rated doors which are specially designed to slow down fire, where the core of the door is made of special materials that can resist heat for a certain degrees. but it’s resists is not comparable to the steel fire rated doors. these wooden fire rated doors can held fire up to 40 min giving the time for people to evacuate which is still considered good. and they are similar to normal wooden doors with normal Wight so it can be used everywhere and it is commonly used in hotels.

in nowadays with tending to bigger structures safety comes first before everything for that the technology of fire rated doors have evolved so fast as it is still evolving through time, to provide more protection for us in time of disasters and accidents.