Steel doors

The steel doors’ role importance rises when designing the house. Safety and security measures must be placed at the forefront of designs, as thefts and risks are prevalent everywhere and in most countries of the world, so the exterior door must be chosen carefully and accurately, and with the great development in door-making techniques, we have many Of the types that suit different types of buildings and uses.

The most important and best types of safe doors are steel doors, which have become the most beautiful and most secure doors. The manufacture of these iron doors has become much easier than before, as there are many modern techniques for forming, manufacturing and decorating the door, and in this article, we will learn about the different modern shapes and technologies and the advantages and importance of doors.

Features of steel doors

The strength of steel doors is one of the most important features of these doors, which makes them safer than the rest of the doors. They are very strong doors that are difficult to puncture or break due to their durability, which has been worked on for a long time until they reached the current forms and reached the required specifications, and although they are strong and durable, however, It can be manufactured in many specifications and shapes that allow the customer to choose the door according to his request and the place where the door is to be placed.

These doors are made of metal materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion, and are more resistant than their counterparts from other doors, in addition to resistance to heat, fire and climatic changes, which makes them the ideal choice for external doors exposed to external factors and have the advantage of thermal insulation that suits the four seasons of the year, in addition to their resistance to bacteria, allowing Use in hospitals and schools.

Finally, one of the advantages of steel doors is the different shapes that give an aesthetic view different from their counterparts of doors, and have a special luxury that we do not find in traditional wooden doors, and they can be coloured in different colours and can be painted in a wooden colour that gives them the same shape as the usual wooden doors.

What distinguishes Turkish steel doors from others is that they are more durable and of high quality, which makes them withstand fire better than other doors manufactured in other countries such as China and others, and high safety is also one of their advantages in addition to excellent thermal insulation, and finally, the export process supported by the Turkish government makes it easier to import from Turkey in a short time and competitive prices.

Types of steel doors

1-Commercial steel doors

Commercial doors are steel doors that are manufactured strongly and commercially, as these doors live longer than traditional wooden doors, they are resistant to corrosion and damage and stronger than glass and wooden doors.

These doors are usually used in the external places of commercial buildings, and in places of emergency exit, as they are highly fire-resistant and can withstand fires for periods of up to 3 hours or more.

Despite all these features, the cost of these doors is low, and their cost comes according to the design and additions required for the door and based on the place where it is intended to be used.

2-Luxurious steel doors

Luxury or security steel doors are doors that are manufactured luxuriously and with a safety higher than other types of steel doors, as this type of door has modern security techniques that are not used in other types, as the materials used are of a high degree of resistance and materials specially treated for uses Safe, it is manufactured on many layers.

With the strength of these doors and high technologies, their shape is beautiful and suitable for any place, as the exterior part is painted in the desired colour, formed and decorated easily and quickly.

When designing these doors, more than one layer is placed, even some of them reach eight layers, and they are filled with a specially treated material that hardens to give the door special resistance, solidity and durability.

Doors Design

The door mainly consists of two layers

1-door mould

It is the internal and visible moulding of the door and it consists of some layers, and we will mention here the layers of some doors:

  • heat-treated glass surface
  • Stainless steel pressed plates
  • Polyurethane padding
  • Anodized aluminium layer
  • A layer of paint on-demand, which is the layer that gives the desired colour and shape
  • A layer of galvanized steel

These layers differ according to the type of door to be purchased, and each layer of these doors has an important feature that is used and placed on demand, and the diversity of these layers opens the way for the diversity of doors, their design and cost control.

2-the frame

It is a very important part of safety and is considered the main part of it, as the techniques used in the frame are being developed. It is used from strong materials that can withstand the door and the frame layer is thick. The frame is usually designed from stainless steel sheets, and its thickness ranges from 18 to 24 poison.

The manufactured frame for safety steel doors consists of:

  • The door hinge or pivot: It is the part responsible for the rotation of the door, and it is usually made strong and resistant to corrosion and rust because it is a constantly consuming part.
  • The frame is equipped and contains four grooves, which are the grooves of the locks distributed on the edges of the door to increase security, and it is also designed precisely to help lock the door securely.


Some add-ons are added and selected upon request:

  • The doors can be painted with wood paint to give it the usual wood look.
  • Aluminum doors can be decorated
  • A fingerprint reader can be placed upon entry
  • The charming eye shape can be chosen
  • The door handle can be commercial, silver or metal
  • glass slots

Door Prices

Steel prices may be higher than others, but over time their prices have become competitive, and the price is determined after determining the door measurements, type and materials used where the customer can determine the specifications of the doors in proportion to his available budget by dispensing with some materials that he does not need and are not required to design Or where to use it, in addition to choosing accessories, their types and number of layers.

And do not forget that they are considered energy-saving materials due to the existing insulation feature, and they do not require maintenance like other doors because they contain materials with a long life.

In this article, we have presented the most important information about steel doors, their importance, advantages and components, and before buying, the door and its type are selected according to the place and the desired features, and where we have many types suitable for all shapes and uses.

When purchasing a door, you must take into account some things:

  • door budget
  • Required measurements for the door
  • The accessories to be added to the door, the most important of which is the lock, the joints and the pivot
  • The materials used in the design of the door

With these things and in this way, you can choose a door comfortably from the various types that we have, all of which are characterized by the important features of safety, shape and strength.