Simaf Group has a 30 years experience in doors sector which is very huge and there are tons of types and specifications, each construction project has its own specifications, sizes, and color.

For the above reason you may find a very large difference in doors prices. But of course there are main types that project engineers must know about, in this small article we will be mentioning the main types and most standard type that Turkish doors market produces.

Doors in general are separated to two types:

  • Interior Doors.
  • Exterior Doors.

  • Interior doors are separated to too many kinds, most kinds look alike from outside mostly looking like wooden doors but the core raw materials used are the ones which make the difference of the quality, and accordingly the price.


As mentioned above, we will be mentioning the main types that the project engineers must be aware of to be able to choose the best possible door type for their project.


Interior doors main types are:

  • Wood Veneered Doors: where the door leaf is mostly used as 6mm MDF covered by 0.5mm wood veneered and the core is 30mm Tubular chipboard.

the door frame of the wood veneered doors is generally used as 42mm sandwich panel (12mm MDF+ 18mm SOFT wood+ 12 MDF ) covered by the WOOD veneered layer.

Of course the colors are the wooden doors colors in general most colors are available upon request.

The Wooden veneered doors are considered to be in the top qualified doors because a natural wooden veneer is used which is expensive and effects the cost.

  • Classic Solid Doors: where the door leaf panels are 17mm Solid wood covered by wood walnut veneered.

the door frame of the solid doors is plywood 42mm covered by natural wood walnut veneered layer.

The classic Solid doors are the most expensive doors in the interior Turkish doors market,

As we mentioned above, the doors look alike from outside but what effect the prices is the quality of the materials used, for that reason only high quality projects and luxury projects engineers would confirm this kind of doors, because the high quality of the natural doors used in this type makes it the most expensive type in the market.

We also have to put in mind that since the solid doors are natural doors, the colors tone is changeable which shows the neutrality and quality of natural wooden doors.

  • Painted Doors: where the door leaf panels are 6mm MDF Mat painted and the core is honeycomb.

the door frame of the painted doors is 36mm block MDF and Matt Laquare painted

painted doors are considered commercial doors because of their competitive prices, 40% of Turkish home’s doors are painted doors.

  • PVC Doors: where the door leaf panels are made out of MDF covered by PVC laminated layers pressed,

PVC doors are the most competitive doors in market because of their prices and quality 40% of Turkish homes  are PVC doors, PVC doors are famous that the layer doesn’t get scratches by keys because it is industrial.

  • Melamine Doors: Which are very similar to PVC doors but the melamine doors are a little more expensive than PVC because of the quality used of them, in other words the melamine layer is made out of the natural wood’s resin but PVC layers are made out of patrols,

Melamine doors are considered to be the best competitive choice out of quality and price together.

Fire rated Doors: fire rated doors are special produced doors with special cores, generally produced as 3 standards, 30minutes FR doors, 60minutes FR doors, and 90Minutes FR doors,

Such doors are required generally for hotels, hospitals, offices and generally luxury residences homes.

  • Exterior Doors are separated to 3 kinds in the market;
  • Steel Doors: which also of course are produced from too much different materials, in other words you may find 3 steel doors which look exactly the same from outside view, but each one has a different price from the other, that goes back to the used material inside the door, and how much metal is used in the door, some steel doors are made to be against bullets also,

The last modern steel doors in the 20th century are the ones which look like wooden doors ( laminated by a wooden layer core is metal sheet with some different raw materials used)

  • Solid wooden doors: which have same specifications as the interior solid wooden doors but used with little different designs and accessories as homes’ exterior doors.
  • Exit fire steel doors: Which are used for big buildings, hospitals, hotels and government buildings, in other words the runaway doors, this kind of doors are FR doors of course, generally could be produced with any RAL color required ( mostly creamy and red colors are used for Exit fire doors).

All the mentioned above is only a hint of the doors sector, and a total experience of 30 years in the doors sector, for that reason our role as Simaf Group comes to help our clients to choose the best optimum door for their requirement and budget .

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