To start talking about laminated doors we have to know that laminated door are the same as melamine doors, In our time, wooden doors have diversified, and we have so many different and varied shapes, which serve all needs and uses, so it is possible to choose the type of door required in terms of design, specifications and measurements.


In this article, we will learn about the types of wooden doors, and the most important types of wooden laminated doors. Laminated doors are wooden doors that are easy to manufacture, and are characterized by many different shapes, and they have spread due to their distinctive quality and competitive price.


Laminated Doors

Before we learn about laminated (melamine) doors and their types, let’s learn about melamine material, its properties and uses.




It is a multi-use organic chemical compound, used in doors, floors, and decorations. The word melamine comes from the German word Mela (a derivative of aluminum distillation) and mine (one of the structural bases of protein).




As we mentioned, melamine has many uses, and its uses were varied after mixing it with some materials to produce strong materials. When it is combined with formalin, it comes out a high-temperature resistant material.


This material is used in plastics of the type Formica, which is a heat-resistant material and is used in the wooden outer layers of furniture, and the material is also used in Wooden floors and educational blackboards.


Melamine is used in military concrete as it gives it high resistance, and it has many other uses such as (papermaking, textile industry, fertilizer industry, household utensils and decorations).


Features Of Laminated Doors


  • Manufacturing and design

The design of melamine doors is easy and can be formed into many different shapes, and there are no difficulties or obstacles during its manufacture.

  • Easy to transport and install

These doors are strong and light at the same time, this light weight facilitates the transport process, as well as easy and simple installation.

Various shapes

As we mentioned, its manufacture and formation is easy and is done in many forms, allowing the customer a variety of attractive forms in addition to its natural wooden appearance.

  • Can be used in many places

Laminated doors with its various features provided the user with many places to use, however, it is preferred to use it in interior doors due to its distinctive wooden shape.

  • It is economical and of high quality at the same time

Laminated doors do not require much complexity in manufacturing, and therefore the cost of manufacturing them is not high, and with the development of technologies, its quality is high.

  • High resistance to external influences

Melamine is highly resistant to sunlight, moisture, scratches and bacteria, so it is widely used in hospitals and health centers.

  • fire resistance

One of the most important features of these doors is their fire resistance, as they can withstand 40 minutes in the face of fire, which made them popular in hotels and schools.


Laminated Doors

This type of door is one of the most sold types of doors. It is of good quality and low price, allowing you to use it in many places, especially interior doors.


This type of door is manufactured by pressing flat sheets with resin by means of composite solid gaskets produced by placing them in kilns, and these doors are in this way strong and have a long life.


When manufacturing this type, different decorations and shapes are chosen, and these doors can be made to have an attractive luster. 

This type of door has countless shapes and types

This type of door is characterized by a very high resistance to fire, water and bacteria, and this facilitates the maintenance process as it does not degrade and is resistant to scratching.


These doors are economical, and their price varies according to demand and according to the materials used in the sides, joints and accessories.


There are two types of laminated doors in terms of quality, they are the economical type and consist of a layer of 0.2 mm and treated, and the highest quality type is 0.6 mm of natural wood covered.


Melamine doors can be made in different thicknesses upon request, and the thickness is determined by the factory, and the color of the wood veneer varies according to the type of wood used in the door filling.


Wooden door cores

When manufacturing the door and after selecting the two outer layers of the door, the inner core is chosen, which gives the door its required weight and durability. There are three main types of door cores:

  • Half cell

These cores are manufactured using paperboard or fiberboard, and are an ideal alternative to solid doors, as they are of high quality, have high thermal insulation and are light in weight.

  • Tubular shape

This type is characterized by high lightness, as it is lighter than solid panels by 60%, it maintains quality, but with a lighter weight, and is used in doors with thin surfaces.

  • Half solid

This type of core is made of original wood, and it is an economical alternative to hollow and solid doors. The design of this type of wood is easy and it is easy to open a window or an opening through these doors, and it is characterized by high security.


In the end, when choosing any door, the place used, the quality and the cost must be taken into consideration. The factors affecting the place where the door is to be placed must be studied, and this helps in choosing the type of door based on its resistance to these factors.


In this article, we have explained to you the types of wooden doors and focused on the laminated doors that are widely used and prevalent today. You can choose the type of door and the type of filling in addition to the accessories attached to the door (type of lock, handle, hinges, insulation edges……).


In SIMAF, we manufacture many different and distinct types of melanin doors according to demand and location. As we mentioned, the prices of these doors are economical compared to others, and their prices can be controlled according to the type and materials used, and you can view the different types and distinct shapes through our website.