Painted doors are one of the most common doors in the world of doors. The coating layer constitutes protection for the doors from external influences that may damage the door and extend its life and efficiency of use. It also gives the freedom to use colors that suits the theme of the place of installation and the surroundings, in addition to the features given by the materials with which the door is painted with and the variety of types used in this painting process.


In this article, we will talk about the importance of using paint for wooden doors and its various types, the most common today.


Types of paints for wooden doors


Many types of paint have been used on the doors over the ages and years, and these types have evolved over time to give better efficiency in the tasks they play by extending the life of the door and giving it a wonderment of beauty.


In general, the paint protects the wood of the door from corrosion due to the factors of humidity and heat. It also protects it from insects and increases the door’s resistance and solidity, and some of them make the door more fire-resistant than others.


The texture of the door also varies according to the type of paint, some of which remain on the dowry and the texture of the wooden veins inside the door, and some of them give a smooth texture.


The type of paint used must be taken into account closely with the tasks and surroundings that the door will occupy, and accordingly, the most famous types of paint used on our doors today are:


1- Acrylic Paint: It is the type that is widely used in painting wooden doors, and it has many types according to quality.


This type of paint is used for interior and exterior doors, and this layer of paint is resistant to moisture and high temperature, and is easy to paint, and one of its drawbacks is that it does not have a strong gloss.


Another advantage of this type is that it does not require several layers of paint, and does not require a complex sanding process, as it only needs a simple checking process whether the wood has bumps.


2-Powder Paint: It is done and prepared before painting, and after using it for about an hour, it dries quickly and it is ready for use. It gives a smooth texture to the wood. One of its drawbacks is that it shows defects quickly and gives a thick layer over the wood.


3-Latex Paint: It is a type that is easy to use and available in most stores, and also has a low cost and is available in many options in terms of color and degree of glossiness.


The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to prepare, and one of its disadvantages is that its results are not satisfactory and it does not give the same quality as the rest of the paints.


4-Milk Paint: It is made from natural materials (milk protein), which gives it the advantage that it does not contain chemicals, and it is characterized by a smooth appearance that hides any defects that appear on the wood.

And its disadvantages are the bad smell, fading color and short life.


American Panel Doors


They are famous and widely spread because they are commercial doors, and they are one of the types of painted wooden doors.

 They are cheap and competitive doors and available in many forms.


These wooden doors have a cheap price due to the ease of manufacture and the materials used in the manufacturing process, and they are producing in a large quantity due to the constant demand for them.


 Commercial latex paint is used in this type of door and for the wooden panels used in the manufacturing are usually HDF type and also of the type MDF, and the inner layer is honeycomb type due to its lightness and low price.


Some of the advantages of these doors is that they are light, easy to install, and do not require a long time to manufacture. Large orders can be easily fulfilled. and there are types of glass as well.


Among the disadvantages of these doors is that they are light and have medium resistance, but their price is low, and they are suitable for interior use. Despite their lightness, they are considered solid and strong doors.


Door Features And Accessories


When choosing the painted wooden door, some details are selected according to the place and size, the inner and outer frames are chosen, where the same paint is used on the frames, such as the door, to give it homogeneity.


The door and its cores such as honey camp, semi-solid and other many types of cores based on the wanted resistance are selected in the painted wooden door.


There are some accessories such as the handle, lock and hinges, on the basis of which the parts are strengthened at the joint, lock and handle.


Among the things that are selected in painted wooden door:  size, color, degree of gloss and direction of the door handle (right or left) and that the door is appropriate to the place in terms of color and surrounding things.


Tests Passed By Painted Wooden Doors


Painted wooden doors pass many tests to ensure their resistance and hardness, including:


  • TSE1905 Interior Door Test.
  • All door parts are tested before they are fitted together, and they are tested on special simulators.
  • Tests for resistance and influencing factors.


At the end painted wooden doors is an ideal choice for interior doors, as it gives absolute freedom to choose the type of paint to be used in proportion to the user’s desire, and a wide spectrum of colors can be chosen for them with determining the degree of glossiness required to match all kinds of decorations and modern and classic designs alike.


Painted wooden doors also have a competitive price compared to the rest of the types of doors despite the high quality they have, and it is one of the most used types in Turkey and in many other countries of the world, as it provides price, shape and quality.